This part of the DSA theory test for car drivers consists of 50 multiple choice questions.

Associated with each question is a list of potential answers.

You need to select the correct answer, or answers, by touching the appropriate area of the computer screen. You will be given 57 minutes to complete the test.

To pass you need to correctly answer 43 out of the 50 questions (i.e. 86%).


This part of the theory test requires you to view 14 hazard video clips on the computer screen of approximately one minute each.

You are required to watch these clips as if you were the driver.

There will be 15 hazards to find - at least one on each clip. However, one clip will have 2 hazards. The hazard clips will not contain any sound. 

You click either the left or right mouse button whenever you think you can see a hazard developing. The speed at which you click the mouse button as a hazard develops will determine your score for that particular hazard clip.

You can score between 0 and 5 on each hazard. Therefore the maximum you can score is 75 (i.e. 15 hazards x 5).

To pass you need a score of 44


To take a mock theory test, please click on the link below to login. When asked for the password type in pass.

Your login details will be stored so feel free to keep coming back and taking tests, remember practice makes perfect!

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